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Nabeel Joins BOL Entertainment

Entertainment Maestro Nabeel
Joins BOL Entertainment

BOL Media Group Welcomes Nabeel as President and CEO, BOL Entertainment

BOL Group, Karachi, 2nd January 2015

BOL Media Group has embarked on a journey that will bring about a revolution in the media industry of Pakistan and will portray the image of Pakistan as a thriving, enlightened and progressive nation to a wider audience globally. The process of transformation has already begun as Pakistan’s top media elite join hands with BOL to improve the standard of both the media and the related people.

MIF Productions CEO, Nabeel, is now onboard with BOL Media Group as President and CEO, BOL Entertainment.

BOL Group is immensely privileged to have Nabeel as President and CEO of BOL Entertainment. A man who can best be described as the ‘Gates of Pakistan’s Entertainment Industry’, dropout-turned-actor Nabeel sacrificed his education on the altar of his dreams and went on to conquer the entertainment industry. An acclaimed artist, he has established his acting credentials in both serious and comic roles, with a number of sitcoms and soaps to his credit. Nabeel has also branched out into the field of production, proving his mettle as a successful producer. He is well-known as a committed, hard-working and professional artist among the acting fraternity and can be described as a jewel in the crown of the country’s thriving entertainment industry.

In spite of the stardom he enjoys, Nabeel is a humble and down-to-earth human being. Currently, he is also the CEO of MIF Productions. Nabeel shares the same dream as BOL’s and has the drive and passion to build an organization that is devoted to the welfare of the artist community of Pakistan. Today, he has come close to achieving that objective.

A natural leader and a successful producer, Nabeel, as President and CEO of BOL Entertainment, seeks to take the Pakistani entertainment industry to the highest level of excellence.

"Nabeel is a leading shaheen in Pakistan’s entertainment industry who has proven his mettle in every field of entertainment, be it acting, direction or production," said Axact and BOL's Chairman and CEO, Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh. “He is, in every way, the perfect addition to the senior leadership of BOL Entertainment.”

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