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Nazir Leghari

Senior Executive Vice President & Editor Urdu Daily, BOL News

Extensive reporting & editing
experience with Pakistan’sleading publications

Pakistan’s premier political analyst
with in-depth knowledge of a vast range of subjects

An accomplished writer with
several publications to his credit

A Seasoned Journalist A Leading Political Analyst A Prolific Writer

Nazir Leghari

Senior Executive Vice President & Editor
Urdu DailyBOL News

Nazir Leghari is included among some of the most eminent professionals in Pakistan’s media industry.

Nazir Leghari received his LLB education from Federal Urdu University of Arts and Sciences, Karachi. He began his journalistic career with the daily, Nawa-e-Waqt, in 1981 where he was in-charge of its political desk. He joined the daily, Jang, in 1985 and became the newspaper’s Magazine Editor in 1989. In 1990 he became Assistant Editor - News, with Jang and rose through the ranks to become Editor of Awam in 1994. In 2006, he switched to Jang again, where he was appointed as Editor.

Over the course of a career spanning three decades, Nazir Leghari has interviewed several leading Pakistani and international politicians, including Benazir Bhutto, King Fahd Bin Abdul Aziz and several others. A prolific writer, he has written 80 biographical episodes of Gulam Ali Allana, the first mayor of Karachi after independence. In addition, he has authored two books, Seenay Jhokan Deedain Deray and Tareekh Bolti Hai. Nazir Leghari is also a senior columnist for the Urdu daily, Jang. He has worked with several well-known journalists.

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BOL Media Professional Faysal Aziz Khan

A Seasoned Journalist

Nazir Leghari, a cornerstone of Pakistan media industry, has been the editor of several renowned Urdu-language newspapers and is regarded as a thorough professional who is dedicated to his calling. He has worked with leading media professionals and has interviewed a number of national and world leaders. Due to his immense journalistic vision and expertise, he is a regular on several TV channels and enlightens the audience with his insightful and accurate analysis of the events at hand.

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A Prolific Author & Interviewer

A prolific writer, Nazir Leghari has penned 80 biographical episodes of G Allana, first mayor of Karachi after independence. He has also authored two books; Seenay Jhokan Deedain Deray which was based on his visits to Saudi Arabia, Egypt and UK and Tareekh Bolti Hai, which comprised of interviews and meetings with several world leaders. He also had the privilege of interviewing several notable Pakistani and international political figures.

Senior Journalist Faysal Aziz Khan
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BOL News Leadership Faysal Aziz Khan

An Insightful & Impartial Political Commentator

Nazir Leghari is one of the few political analysts of Pakistan who are known for their logical, insightful and unbiased commentary on the political affairs of the country. He is a regular feature on a number of talk shows and is widely appreciated for his balanced and rational views. Nazir Leghari also attended several professional trainings and seminars and has earned accolades in recognition of his stellar journalistic achievements.

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