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BOL News Senior Executive Vice President Faysal Aziz Khan

Muhammad Usman

Senior Executive Vice President BOL News

More than two decades of experience in the field of journalism

An excellent track record exhibiting exceptional leadership skills

An accomplished professional who has proven his mettle in the
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Senior Executive Vice PresidentBOL News

Muhammad Usman completed his undergraduate studies from FC College, Punjab. He earned his master’s degree in mass communication from Punjab University, Lahore, in 1993. He began his career in journalism from Daily Nawa-e-Waqt, a Lahore-based Urdu-language newspaper, as a Subeditor. In the intervening period, he also worked at other newspapers before moving to Islamabad in late 1994 where he worked as a reporter for various news agencies, covering several national and political issues. To further his journalistic career and broaden his horizons, he joined Daily Jang in Lahore in 1997 and began working for its magazine section and newsroom.

Muhammad Usman’s profile is sprinkled with achievements that highlight his unwavering commitment to the field of journalism.

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Incredibly Well Qualified

Muhammad Usman is one of the most experienced people in the field of journalism in Pakistan. Following a brief stint at Jang, he joined Daily Insaf, another Urdu-language newspaper, as Magazine Editor and was one of the launching members of the paper. He left the newspaper in late 2002 as Deputy Editor to join Geo News where he worked at various key positions. He then moved to Express News in 2007 as Controller News and had the rare privilege of being one of its launching members. After working at the channel for nearly a year, he returned to Geo News as Dubai Bureau Chief and then got promoted to Controller News and Head of Bulletins. Since 2009 he has headed Geo Tez and was the key person involved in the strategic planning and execution of its launch.

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A Stellar Career

Muhammad Usman has attended several training programs at Geo which were conducted in collaboration with the University of America and Asia Pacific Institute of Broadcasting, Malaysia. In his prolific 21-year career in journalism, he has had the honor of working with some of the leading reporters and journalists. He has also conducted interviews of famous politicians, including Benazir Bhutto and Farooq Ahmed Khan Leghari. A mainstay of Pakistani journalism with extensive reporting and editing experience, Muhammad Usman is a deeply committed journalist with in-depth knowledge of the national and global issues facing the world.

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Unwavering Commitment to Journalism

Muhammad Usman is one of the few journalists in electronic reporting who reached the pinnacle of professional success by virtue of their sheer hard work and unflinching commitment to their work. He has played a significant role in training and mentoring the on desk and bulletin production teams. From very humble beginnings to acquiring the stature of a highly successful journalist, his profile is filled to the brim with a raft of achievements and successes including multiple launches as well as adversities that are a part and parcel of the challenging field of journalism. But despite all odds, he never shirked from his responsibilities and invariably faced all the hurdles head-on.

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