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BOL News Senior Executive Vice President Faysal Aziz Khan

Amir Zia

Senior Executive Vice President and Editor English Daily, BOL News

An acclaimed journalist with
extensive experience of reporting on diverse issues

An accomplished writer with superbcommand over a vast
range of subjects

A keen learner who lovesto take risks & challenges in life

An award-winning journalist A passionate writer An ambitious individual

Amir Zia

Senior Executive Vice President and Editor English DailyBOL News

Amir Zia is counted among some of the highly esteemed professionals in Pakistan’s media industry.

Amir Zia completed his master’s degree in English literature in 1990. He began his journalistic career from Sindh Express in 1990 as a trainee reporter. Later, in 1991, he joined Frontier Post, a major English-language newspaper from Peshawar as a reporter and worked there for a few months.

A keen individual looking to broaden his horizons, he worked at The News from 1991 to 1995 as a reporter covering several beats, including crime, environment and trade union activities. He then switched to Newsline, Pakistan’s leading current affairs magazine, where he covered two major stories on economy and extrajudicial killings and also received an APNS award. A stickler for change, he also did a brief stint at Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) where he worked as head of public relations department.

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An Experienced Writer and Reporter

Amir Zia also has had the privilege of working for renowned international news agencies such as Reuters and Associated Press (AP). At Reuters, he joined as a stringer and then worked his way up to become a full-time reporter, where he got tremendous exposure to economic and financial journalism. Later, he had the opportunity to work with AP as Deputy Bureau Chief for nearly four years, carrying out assignments on the Taliban, Kashmir and Kargil War. After gaining extensive experience in reporting and writing at international news agencies, he rejoined The News as Editor, a post he holds to date.

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A Seasoned Journalist

Amir Zia belongs to the breed of journalists who loves to take challenges in life and is never content with their professional accomplishments. This is one of the key reasons behind his phenomenal success in the ever-happening and hugely competitive field of journalism. Despite having immense experience and craft in his field, he remains a humble human being and attributes his success to people who played some role in helping him become the country’s leading journalists. Some of the prominent journalists he feels proud to have worked with include the late Razia Bhatti, Zahid Hussain and Ghazi Salahuddin.

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A Passionate Columnist

Although a professional reporter, Amir Zia finds writing to be his real passion. He has been writing weekly columns for The News on several social, cultural and political issues. He has wide readership of his enlightening and thought-provoking articles and is a source of inspiration for young writers. In addition to being a prolific writer, he is a voracious reader and possesses in-depth knowledge of a number of problems facing the world.

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