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Jasmeen Manzoor

Executive Vice President &
Senior Anchorperson BOL News

A highly accomplished producer &anchor with several popular
shows to her credit

A journalist who has fearlessly carried out her professional
responsibilities despite the odds

A highly educated journalist with extensive experience of teaching at
Pakistan’s premier institutes

A veteran producer & anchor A Fearless Journalist extensive expertise

Jasmeen Manzoor

Executive Vice President & Senior Anchorperson BOL News

Jasmeen Manzoor completed her undergraduate studies from PECHS College, Karachi. Later, she earned her master’s degrees in journalism and international relations from Karachi University. She began her career in journalism with Telebiz as an anchor and producer and also did a couple of shows with the channel, NTM. In 1999, she went to the U.S. to pursue courses in journalism. Upon her return to Pakistan, she joined Geo News as a producer. She is credited with launching a popular talk show with renowned journalist, Iftikhar Ahmad.

At the same time, she continued to anchor several current Affairs shows with PTV, including News Night which became extremely popular among the audiences. She also did a marathon election transmission in 2002 which ran for a record number of 72 hours. After leaving PTV, Jasmeen Manzoor joined Business Plus as a senior anchor and conducted a popular talk show, The Pulse With Jasmeen Manzoor. Later, she joined ARY News and pioneered a show, 11th Hour, that would go on to become one of the most popular and widely watched programs. After working with the channel for nearly a year, she moved to Samaa TV as a senior anchor to host the 10:00pm prime time show called ‘Tonight with Jasmeen’ which became the most successful and popular show among the audiences nationally and internationally.

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An Award-Winning Anchor

One of Pakistan’s most recognizable media figures, Jasmeen Manzoor has a long list of achievements to her credit. She has received several awards and accolades due to her outstanding contributions to broadcast journalism. Some of the most prominent awards she has won include Best Female Anchor Current Affairs, Benazir’s Excellence Award and the UN Special Award for promoting local bodies system in Pakistan. She has been recognized among the most influential women in media industry of Pakistan by several magazines and newspapers.

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Exemplary Commitment to Journalism

In an illustrious career spanning almost 15 years, Jasmeen Manzoor has covered hundreds of significant events as well as socio-political and human rights issues. A hardcore journalist, she has acquired a reputation for getting to the heart of every story with complete impartiality. She has a no-holds-barred approach to dealing with the issue at hand and has often risked her personal safety and security in order to bring out the real facts to the audiences.

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A Renowned Academic

In addition to being a high-profile journalist, anchor and producer, Jasmeen Manzoor is an established academic who has had the opportunity of giving lectures at various national and international forums. A fearless journalist, she is known among the academic fraternity as a highly committed, passionate and accomplished professional who believes in a fair, dispassionate and impartial media.

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