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Mr. Viqas Atiq, Strategic Committee Member, BOL Media Group, Pakistan's largest Media group

Mr. Viqas Atiq, Strategic Committee Member, BOL Media Group

Mr Viqas Atiq, has taken the company to increasingly higher levels of achievement through his powerful business acumen and vision for the organization. He has been a powerful visionary force and a man that people look up to and believe in. He has been with the organization since its inception and has had a played a vital role in its success. At every stage of the journey, Mr Viqas has opened new doors and brought new insight of potential opportunities to the company. He has also played a major role in developing and training the company’s management team to enable it to lead the organization successfully through the challenges yet to come.

Mr. Viqas doesn’t only set goals but
also creates immaculate road-maps through which these goals can be achieved.

His planning and strategizing skills have played a major role in helping the organization prosper and reach never-imagined heights of growth and success.

The current leadership of the company are indebted in gratitude to Mr. Viqas for helping the organization realize its goals. By selflessly imparting his knowledge and skills to other members of the organization, he has helped the company surpass all expectations and overcome all obstacles it has faced to date.

Mr. Atiq is also one of the Strategic Committee Member, Pakistan’s Largest Media Group. During the course of the past year, he has worked tirelessly to chart out BOL’s mandate and the role it will play in uplifting Pakistan socially as well as economically.

Mr. Viqas Atiq, Strategic Committee Member, BOL Media Group

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