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BOL Executive Vice President Nabeel Farooq Jakhura

Nabeel Farooq Jakhura

Executive Vice President NETWORK & Broadcasting

President of the BroadcastEngineers Society of Pakistan


Preparing New Generation for theBroadcast Revolution
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President Broadcast Engineers
Society of Pakistan
Pioneer of Broadcasting
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Nabeel FAROOQ Jakhura

Executive Vice President NETWORK & Broadcasting

Nabeel Farooq Jakhura, the nationally acclaimed broadcasting engineer, is the Executive Vice President of Network and Broadcasting at BOL Group.

Nabeel developed a passion for Information Technology at a very young age while putting his knowledge and expertise to use in the IT industry ever since his student life. He further cultivated his interest in Broadcasting Technologies and acquired various diplomas and certificates. Among his accolades include, ‘Smart Work Award’ at Trans-Med Transcription International Company, Microsoft Certification in System Engineering and various Cisco Certificate Courses, which prepared him to effectively deal with the challenges of modern news broadcasting.

Later, he joined Geo TV, where he successfully managed all core broadcasting responsibilities. After gaining substantial experience, he associated himself with ARY Network, where he was part of the team that designed and implemented latest News Management System and Broadcasting Server. Nabeel also effectively managed technical setup of around 10 different channels and enabled automation of 4 others.

His overwhelming passion and experience in the field of media and broadcasting was soon recognized by the Broadcast Engineers Society of Pakistan where he has been serving as the President since 2012. Nabeel is committed to prepare the next-generation leaders amongst upcoming broadcast professionals and in this regard, he has conducted numerous impactful trainings with regard to contemporary broadcasting techniques.

Together with Nabeel, BOL Group envisions a promising future for Pakistan’s media industry. He says, “Broadcasting is in my roots from the very first day of my career, I always thought of doing something distinctive, now is the time; thanks to BOL!”

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BOL Broadcast Professional Nabeel Farooq Jakhura

Nationally Acclaimed Broadcast Engineer

Nabeel has proven his mark in IT and broadcasting systems by revolutionizing Broadcasting Automation Systems. He revitalized broadcasting systems and equipments at GEO and ARY.

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President Broadcast Engineers Society of Pakistan

Nabeel is a highly enthusiastic broadcast engineer who, at this young age, serves as the President of Broadcast Engineers Society of Pakistan. In his presidential role, he is all set to introduce the profession to contemporary technological innovations.

Network Systems Expert Nabeel Farooq Jakhura
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BOL Network & Broadcasting Leadership Nabeel Farooq Jakhura

500+ Trainings on Broadcasting

Nabeel is keen to impart the myriad of knowledge to the young and enthusiastic professionals pursuing their career in this field. In this regard, he has conducted numerous trainings on cutting edge technology and innovation in broadcasting along with Automation, Satellite Communication and other soft skills.

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Perfect Executionist

Nabeel is a man who gets things done. He is best known for his project execution, regardless of the complexity and magnitude. For this he has been awarded “Smart Work Award” at Trans-Med Transcription International Company for his exceptional performance.

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