What makes BOL
the best place to work at?

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Get ready for life in the
fast lane with a
rewarding career path

At BOL, BOL Walas are provided with endless
opportunities of growth and development.
The well-defined career path enables individuals
to plan accordingly, set goals and go about
achieving those goals.

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every step of the way

Your performance is recognized on a daily, weekly,
monthly & yearly basis. We strongly believe
BOL Walas who perform well deserve similar
Performance Recognition, and that is what
we strive to we deliver.

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Salary Package Far above the industry average

BOL Walas earn highest salaries far above the industry average.

They are also entitled to bonuses of up to 4 gross salaries, provident fund & EOBI.

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Complete Training
& Development

  • Well-defined and structured career path.
  • International and national placement opportunities.
  • Unlimited growth opportunities.
  • In-house and international certified training programs.
  • On-job automated training programs.
  • State-of-the-art on-site training facility with a capacity to accommodate more than 180 employees at a time. Equipped with:
    • Projection Screens
    • Video Conferencing
    • Rear-seat monitor screens
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A Purpose-built,
state-of-the-art infrastructure

BOL has started its operations in Pakistan with the finest and most modern infrastructure

We have a purpose-built infrastructure equipped with the latest equipment that
gives us an edge over our competitors