As BOL builds momentum for revolutionizing Pakistan Media Industry, new and novel approaches are introduced by
Pakistan’s NO.1 Media Enterprise. BOL, with its launch, has marked the start of the new era of media in Pakistan as
it introduces world’s largest media infrastructure with ultramodern technology. Along with achieving these milestones,
Bol News is now the only channel to introduce its transmission in major regional languages of Pakistan. Moreover,
BOL News is blazing a trail by launching its digital platforms in all regional languages as well.


Reaching Every
Corner Of Pakistan

BOL aims to reach every corner of Pakistan with the sole objective of spreading awareness to every citizen of the nation. For this purpose, Bol is launching regional transmissions with voiceovers in local languages that are prevalent in the different regions of Pakistan. In this way, BOL’s incomparable reach is providing amplified awareness with Bol English, Bol Sindhi, Bol Punjabi, Bol Pashto, Bol Balochi, Bol Kashmiri and Bol Balti.

As Bol strives to represent the true diversity of Pakistan, BOL News’s transmission in more regional languages of Pakistan will be launched soon.

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Introducing a new
Dimension of Education

For the first time in Pakistan, a media enterprise has taken the responsibility of educating each and every Pakistani. BOL News with its regional language transmissions and extended reach is providing the biggest platform to educate the nation. People even in the remotest areas of the country will now be able to access information in the language that they comprehend easily. BOL local language transmissions will make them more aware regarding all the important happenings around the world through audio-visual content while educating them in their own language.

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With the ever increasing rate of digital proliferation in all regions of Pakistan, BOL realizes the importance of inclusion of all Pakistanis with all their diverse cultural backgrounds in its transmission as well as on digital platforms as well. Therefore, BOL News Website and App will also be available in all regional languages with all the important news brought to the readers in their native regional languages. Not only will this provide BOL an unrivaled reach on the digital frontier but also help in spreading awareness and knowledge among all Pakistanis with their diversified preferred languages.

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